How Important is Diet in a Body Transformation Programme?

How Important is Diet in a Body Transformation Programme?


You may have tried to transform your body on your own in the past or with a reputable Personal Trainer but still find yourself wanting for more. You may have achieved a very respectable level of fitness and performance but are left unsatisfied with the extra bit of fat still left over on your love handles, bum or thighs. That is not a fault of your training in my experience (provided you are working hard and following that main principles of smart training). It is in the diet.

The hardest part of any body transformation solution is the food that makes up your diet. Your body is literally built from the nutrition you supply it with on a daily basis.


To achieve the most aesthetically pleasing body transformation, we must supply high quality foods that not only meet our energy (macro nutrient) needs but also the vitamins and minerals (micro nutrients) that support the regeneration, growth and health of our biological systems and most of all (for the way we look), our muscles.



Here is our trouble spot


Supplying high quality foods, with the correct balance of nutrients (both macro and micro) is a challenge for a single day, let alone every day!

I see so many Personal Training clients working their arses off in the gym, only to struggle to support such impressive training feats with a smart diet. This is frustrating for them and for me too.

Really, it drives me nuts. I know just how much better the results of our Personal Training could be with a consistently nutrient rich diet. Consistently is the key here.




Your daily lives are busier than ever with so many bloody things vying for your attention that it becomes nearly impossible to justify dedicating the required time to diet alone when there are quicker (less healthy) options on the shelves of every supermarket you walk in to.




Yes 80% is a large portion but it is how big a role your diet plays in your body transformation.


Your Personal Training will change how you perform, how you feel and how capable you are but 80% of how big or small you are is dictated by your diet.


Exercise on its own has never created a magnificent body transformation, so why spend so much time sweating, squatting, running and pushing your limits if you are failing to supply the right diet at least 80% of the time?

Eating the right way for a few meals per week is not enough, it must be a daily commitment that requires more focus than the workouts. Every person that I know or have trained, that has a six pack, muscularity or a beautiful behind, has been on point with their diet far more often than they haven’t.


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The Solution?


We have to either make a sacrifice somewhere in our day to make the time, gain the knowledge and focus on weekly food preparation or accept that we will stay the same and come to terms with that.


Find someone else to do it for you…..


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