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A weight loss diet eventually hits a road bump or a small crater of a pot hole that steers you way off course. #LeanerAugust


Welcome to my last weekend of camping, beach and barbecues where most calorie counting went out the window when the sloppy cheese and bacon burgers and Ben and Jerrys ice cream came marching in. It was epic and it was expected in truth: trips away camping rarely should be done without sloppy burgers and the like. Treat yourself once in a while.

Yup, I fell off the wagon into a ditch of cheese, beer and chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.


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Guess what?

I fell, we all do. It’s how quickly you put yourself upright and jump back on the wagon and take those reigns in hand to march forward to leanville! Rest assured that my reigns are firmly in hand and guiding straight and true to make up for lost time in the ditch…the ditch that is now behind me.


Sure there may be more ditches ahead, but so what, I know I can make up for it and a ditch or two is character building.


How quickly do you clamber out of your ditch? Is it swiftly with a smile or do you wallow in your self pity and let gluttony hold you back?


for those keeping count that means I just negated ALL of last weeks dieting effort in ONE weekend


#LeanerAugust is over half way through now and if you remember the last blog post for week 2 weigh in you’ll know how much I weighed….this morning I weighed in at 91.4 kg :) after the weekend of indulgence (for those keeping count that means I just negated ALL of last weeks dieting effort in ONE weekend)….time to make up for that this week. Workout day today and it will be massive as I am fully fuelled and ready to rock and roll!

A stumble, hell even a full blown ambulance air lift is no excuse to stop.


Get up, get on and keep on keeping on. OK?


Your Epsom, Surrey Expert Personal Trainer,

Ham Williams

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