Fat Loss, the Low Down

Fat Loss, The Condensed Version

If you have looked at all the information on the members home page and just want the fat and weight loss low down in brief without all the detail then here it is…


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  • The number of calories you need depends mainly on your muscle mass
  • Calories count for losing fat, always have, always will
  • But protein rich foods may help us get away with not counting calories
  • So long as we limit our carbohydrates 




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  • Transformation takes time and effort
  • A support team can mean the difference between success and quitting
  • Consistency wins; the tortoise versus the hair 
  • Exercise will increase fat loss long term above diet alone



Now if you want help with meal ideas then check out the meal plans section.


Two simple rules that I follow personally and have all my clients follow:


1) Avoid buying snacks, sweets, crisps, chocolate and other such foods when you perform your supermarket shop – if it’s not in the house you won’t eat it.

2) Have a plan for your meals, know what you will eat and when you will eat it – prepare your foods and you wont be caught short and grab the nearest sugar laden fast food.

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