Muscle Toning Strength and Hypertrophy; learn Here

Muscle Toning, Strength & Hypertrophy, The Low Down

Here I surmise the previous articles on how to achieve muscle toning strength and hypertrophy without all the science babble. Short, sweet and to the point, ready to get you results!


Muscle Toning in brief…(full version is here)

It’s a matter of effort.

Exercise works because we have to “switch on” our muscles and the harder, longer and more frequently we switch them on, the more toned we become.

In order of efficiency for muscle toning:


  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Running
  • Sprinting
  • Weight Training


That list should show that the harder an exercise is the better at toning it is.

Physical Strength in brief…(full version is here)


  • Strength is specific to movements practiced and rep ranges
  • Some people are born to be stronger than others
  • Strength is ultimately dictated by size
  • and levers…
  • and nervous system efficiency



Hypertrophy in brief…(full version is here)


  • Fast twitch fibres grow more readily as they can produce higher effort, faster
  • A lack of fast twitch fibres needs to be made up for with fatigue to induce the same high effort
  • Work volume alone is not enough
  • Weight alone is not enough
  • Singular high effort attempts are not enough
  • Combining a heavy enough weight with a high enough effort for enough total volume gets the job done


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