Is Your Personal Trainer Informed?

You pay good money to have a Personal Trainer, you should expect them to be up to date with their research. You would expect nothing less from a Doctor, Mechanic or Dentist so why settle for less with the person you entrust your body and performance to?

If your trainer still believes the only way to a healthier heart or better endurance is through long slow distance cardio work, perhaps ask them to look into the comparisons between traditional long slow distance work and different forms of interval training. If they use the term “Core” in reference to balance work or TVA as opposed to core exercises like squats, lifts, pulls and pushes then you may well be suspect.

Sure, some sports require long duration events but most do not and the vast majority of us that workout do so for health and looks and exercise protocols such as Crossfit and H.I.T. have at least shown us that short workouts of the correct intensity will produce both health and fitness beyond the levels of traditional cardio routines that consume more of our time than most can now days afford to sacrifice.

If you are told that you must eat breakfast to lose fat as it “stokes” the metabolism it may be time to look else where for a trainer. Naturally there is variation in the methods you can and will abide over the long haul but there certainly other “easier” options available to you.

Your health, weight, body fat levels and strength really needn’t take up hours of dedication each week and provided your Personal Trainer is on top of their reading they can help you achieve 99% of fat loss and general fitness goals within a very short period of actual training time.

I have been helping people lose body fat, gain strength and be better with thirty minutes per session with between 1 and 3 sessions per week for years now and if you live or work near to Epsom then I suggest that you give me a call or join this site. You deserve to know just how to go about looking better naked and being healthier without spending more than 90 minutes per week in the gym.


Richard “Peg Leg” Ham Williams

Epsom Personal Trainer

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