Metabolic Damage – Starvation Mode – Are They Really Real?

Or Just an Excuse for Poor Dietary Adherence?


You try to lose weight so you start a calorie restriction diet and begin a basic exercise programme. Everything is great and you’re loosing weight….for a while.

Then after about 4 weeks you hit a plateau and find weight loss even comes to a stand still.  A few more weeks go past and you’ve been strict with your diet but still the weight loss stalls.


Sounding familiar?


Frustration and mental fatigue sets in and you find yourself in the midst of a binge and 3lbs heavier…..disheartening indeed.


Weeks go by of this back and forth until you understandably start looking for a reason as to why it seems impossible for you to break a certain weight boundary. The internet and other various sources bring the terms “Starvation Mode” and “Metabolic Damage” into your world and it seems to be the answer. Have you got a uniquely slow or damaged metabolism that somehow makes weight loss harder for you?


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The following link is an enlightening worthwhile read if you are looking to understand why metabolic damage or starvation mode don’t give you the ansers you want and explains why calories are always the answer….


“My big question for you is related to the whole “metabolic damage” concept. Coaches and competitors involved in bodybuilding & physique contest prep – predominantly women – often report cases of consuming very low calories (i.e., in the 700-1000 kcal range), combines with high volumes of cardio (i.e., 2+ hours per day), and all this without any weight loss. What are your initial thoughts on this, as far as validity and/or mechanisms behind it.”


and for the rest click here which will send you through to Lyle McDonalds Body Recomposition website.


Bottom line is that you need a smart diet that is adapted to your changing body and an exercise regime that is high in intensity and low on the easy cardio for fat loss and weight loss.


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