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High Intensity

Small groups
Maximum attention
Private indoor facility

6 Weeks

Just six weeks
up to 14lbs loss
Three times per week

Body Back Bootcamp - Epsom

6 Weeks to get your body back and lose up to 14lbs.

With the Epsom Body Back Bootcamp being small groups in each workout I can keep the quality of exercise guidance higher than regular fitness classes.

You experience the energetic vibe of a class with the personal attention of Personal Training...its the perfect hybrid.

How is it different from a fitness class?

Fitness classes are  often too busy for the instructor to keep a close eye on your technique and Personal Training can be too expensive for many.

Body Back Bootcamp is design to allow you to receive Personal Training attention without the usual expense.

The workouts are monitored, progressive, intense, tailored and most importantly, effective.

The sessions are run by a fully qualified Personal Trainer with over a decade of experience so you can be sure your workouts are scientifically proven and field tested.

With a fully equipped and private facility in Epsom, I have created a series of workouts designed to get you fitter, stronger and more toned in the shortest time possible.

Reserve your place today by filling in the contact form at the bottom of the page or just give me a call on 07742 952 208

A Hybrid Solution

Traditional fitness classes can be too busy for many and your trainer can't focus on everyone's technique at once, diluting the effectiveness. Body Back Bootcamp is a smarter alternative with smaller group sizes and a fully qualified Personal Trainer.

Cost Effective

Personal Training can be too costly at times and full size classes too daunting. Body Back Bootcamp is cheaper than a PT session AND quieter than a fitness class.

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For just £199 you can make this the year YOU did it and finally took control of your body

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