#LeanerAugust Questions

It occurred to me, after speaking with some of you, that there may be some questions that need answering about #LeanerAugust


Q: Who can follow you on #LeanerAugust?

A: Anyone with the willpower to do so! It requires no special foods, no elimination of food groups or any special supplements.


Q: Do I follow what you are eating?

A: Only if you are above 6 foot and 95kg in weight otherwise it’ll likely be too many calories for you to lose weight and fat with unless you are a high performing athlete who burns through large amounts of energy each day


Q: How do I know how many calories to consume?

A: How many calories you need to cut out and the maximum amount you can consume is personal to you. I’d advise going to a Doctor or a Personal Trainer and finding out what you BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is and start with that as a maximum number of calories per day (averaged over a week). Consuming over and above your BMR is fine (especially on workout days) so long as you are aware of how many calories over it you are burning…..if you are not losing weight then you are consuming too many calories.


Q:Do I need to exercise whilst doing this?

A: No, weight and fat loss are controlled by diet and energy balance. Exercise can help this but is by no means mandatory. Think of it this way: exercise determines how you function and how you look underneath the excess fat. Diet allows the excess fat to be stripped away to reveal what you have crafted through hard training. If you have never trained and you strip away the fat you are left with a bag on bones that has limited functional ability and can look gaunt and weak.


Q:What type of exercise works best with #LeanerAugust

A: A combination of strength based body building to maintain and possibly build muscle tissue and a dashing of high intensity metabolic conditioning cardio work to help with fat loss and fitness.


That about covers it for now



Daily updates will be appearing on Twitter under my handle@RHamWilliams with the hash tag #LeanerAugust and on the Facebook page as mentioned above and my food diary is public viewing on MyFitnessPal

Join in this August and get leaner with me….ask any questions you have anywhere you like! Facebook, twitter or here….so many ways to succeed it’s impossible to fail!


with your expert Personal Fitness Trainer in Epsom, Surrey and London, R Ham Williams

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