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It’s Been Another Successful Week for Weight Loss


Although not as drastic as the first.


If you read the week one update you’ll remember that I lost a silly amount of weight in the first week so reset my calorie limit to an extra 400 calories per day (taking me to a maximum of 2500 calories) for the second week.


That puts me at a maximum of 400-500 calories above my BMR (basal metabolic rate) which will make the weight loss slower than week one. I say this is my maximum calorie intake as that’s just what it is, maximum, it doesn’t mean I have to eat that much, just that I can if I want to.


Eating less than that will NOT cause a starvation mode. There is no such thing for people in our situation, really, see here.


I found this week an interesting one to watch with the increase in calories. Most days I found it hard to reach those calorie limits as I am very much in the mindset of dieting and that means a Spartan approach to food….most of the time…..


On Tuesday night I had an epic cheat meal….around 2500 calories worth….on top of the 1000 or so calories I’d had in the lead up during the day (yup, I’d only had about 1000 calories during the day preparing for this)


Epic Cheat Meal

Epic Cheat Meal


SO with that massive over expenditure of calories in mind I made sure the next day came in at about 800 calories under my target, which was pretty easy as I was still fairly satiated after that burger (American Way, Cheam FYI;)).


The cheat meal served a purpose; for me to stay on track, knowing that I am not removing my favourite foods and that I can still enjoy a treat every now and again…so long as I pay for it over the course of the rest of the week…..

Week 2 measurements are as follows:

Weight has dropped again to 89.8kg (a 1.5kg drop this week from last)

Waist has gone down by another 2cm

Belly button skin fold is down by a negligible 0.5mm from 15 to 14.5mm.

Full stats will be compiled at the end of the month….

Weight Loss at a Slower Rate

Weight Loss at a Slower Rate

As you can see the weight loss has slowed and that is entirely due to the increase in calories. Weight and fat loss is very measurable and simplistic. The dedication and self control is another matter entirely.

Week 3 I will keep things at around 2500 calories.

As a side note:

My BMR has dropped from around 2100 calories to 2000 calories now due to my loss in body mass. Expected and catered for. Any time your weight is reduced then so is your BMR.

Keep on keeping on people.

R Ham Williams

Your Expert Personal Trainer in Epsom & Surrey.

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