What are Speedy sessions and are they enough?

The thirty minute training sessions are a valuable tool to have at your disposal, especially as life is fast paced and full of a million things demanding your attention.

When time is spread so thinly you may think that you don’t have enough time to get a “proper” workout session in.

Think again Batman.

More and more science has been emerging over the last two decades supporting the effectiveness of short duration, high intensity workouts.

Real world examples like myself (if I may be so bold to include myself here), the Tabata protocol, HIIT and other protocols such as Crossfit and p90x have been demonstrating that short workouts are seriously effective.

It is no surprise that fast fitness approaches have a firm foothold in the health and fitness industry…they work!

Many people can only train in their lunch times or before work and one hour sessions are simply too much time out of their day.

Half an hour Speedy sessions can work wonders with the right combination of intensity, effort and motivation.

Is time a limiting factor in your current fitness and health plan or lack of one?

Can you warm up for five minutes on your own before a Personal Training session and then spend a dedicated thirty minutes to following instruction and working hard?

Then yes, this is for you.

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