A Basic Guaranteed Route to Fat Loss

Nutrition should be the foundation of any successful exercise and body manipulation programme. Having a strong diet allows for faster fat loss, better gains in workout performance and a better feeling mind.

Physiologically we know the most effective diet for any body re composition goals but each person’s lifestyle dictates something different due work, family and personal circumstances so we must cater to each persons needs.

If however you want a basic set of rules that can only succeed in making you lean and healthy then read this;


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The bottom line in weight loss is the number of calories you consume, irrespective of what a magazine article or supplement company tells you; science is with us on this one. Calories count. BUT that doesn’t always mean you need to count the calories you consume.

Some foods are far more satisfying to our hunger reflex than others which means we eat less calories without ever thinking about it just because we chose the better foods!

So here is a little look at what a day full of the those foods could look like.

Eat meat, fish, vegetables, dairy and some fruit and drink water.


Breakfast – 2- 4 eggs cooked how you prefer with a cup of tea or coffee (protein based meal with fat)


Snack – cup of tea or coffee with cream or full fat milk (fat keeps you going)


Lunch – a serving of meat/fish/protein about the size of your hand and a plate of colourful vegetables (protein, fibre and carb)


Snack – A piece of fruit (carbs)


Dinner – Same as lunch


Simple and healthy with a side of effect of a lean body. Expecting something more flashy?

If you workout hard and feel you need more protein just double the portion size of the protein or add in protein shake with lunch and/or dinner.

If you carry too much fat and eat like this for one month I guarantee you’ll be happy with the results in body composition.

Variation is of course needed if you have performace related goals or want to build large amounts of muscle but for simple and fast weight loss then this fits the bill.


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