Top Tip

Epsom Personal Trainer, Richard Ham Williams brings you another Top Tip to help you with your body transformation and composition goals.

The fastest way to reduce your body fat percentage is a combination of smart and protein rich dieting with a workout regime that focuses not on how many calories you burn during a session but how many you can burn afterwards. EPOC….Excessive Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption….

It means that you worked so hard during a session that your body continues to use up plenty of calories afterwards to replenish fuel stores, clear away waste products and repair microscopic damage.

So make protein the main food stuff any time you eat.

Work so damn hard in a session your paying for it hours later.

Make protein the main food stuff any time you eat…yes it needs saying twice.

Another benefit of working hard enough to initiate EPOC is that it is usually hard enough to build lean tissue, which has so many health benefits in itself.

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