The Difference Between Exercise & Training

There is a difference between exercise and training….


Exercise is a means to maintain, recover or improve health and for most people comprises a series of movements performed to burn a few extra calories. This allows us to offset some of our luxurious life style choices….like that cream cake or the bottle of bubbly.

Exercise is great, I love it. My active lifestyle allows my decadent moments without too much bad juju.


Training is a different monster.


If you are training then you have a performance related purpose. A defined goal that requires you to practice a skill.

Take a look around at your average gym member or leisure runner and then take at look at those that have performance related goals; those that train to increase a skill.


It is skill that sets apart the bodies that exercise and those that train.


Do you train or do you simply exercise?


Epsom Personal Trainer,

Richard Ham Williams

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