The single best changes you can make to your diet…

The single best changes you can make to your diet for weight loss are the small ones.

Yup, small turns.

Yes there are faster ways to lose weight and body fat but changes that happen quickly are changes that are lost quickly too. We’ve all seen or heard of someone that has lost significant amounts of weight in lightening fast time and then put it back on again, and more.

Fast weight loss is easy. Keeping it off when it is lost that quickly is tough! It takes time for your body (mostly your mind) to adapt to new eating patterns and volumes and ingrain them as habit.

Make a small change today and maintain it until it is habit, then make another small change until that becomes habit too.

Sooner than you realise it and without too much sacrifice you find your self at a new weight without struggling to maintain it. Your new habits have been allowed time to form.

For example: if you drink 5 cups of tea a day, each with 2 sugars it becomes very simple to knock out one of those sugars from each tea/coffee. It has worked wonders for others as a manageable change.

Perhaps you habitually grab a bag of crisps or have a couple of glasses of wine at night…start small and reduce those luxuries, not remove them to start with…just reduce them.


Find your habitual eating patterns and make a course correction one degree at a time.


Remember: the single best changes you can make to your diet…are the small ones that stick.


Small turns.


Your Epsom and Surrey Personal Trainer, Ham Williams

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