What is armour and who needs it?

Armour my friends is exactly what you think it is.

Soldiers go to war and wear metal armour, athletes war on the field and their armour is muscle built in the gym.

Both serve the same purpose which is to protect you from injury as efficiently as possible.

Contact sports result, as part of their nature, in high speed collisions which will lead to bruising and breaking of body parts. The greater your armour the less likely you are to suffer such an injury.

Some sports such as football will need armour in different places from other sports such as rugby or cricket but armour is still needed.

Armour is not just there to protect you from external injury but also the injury that can be caused from high force contractions that are executed hundreds of times in a match such as a fast ball in cricket, a back hand in tennis, landing from a header in football and many other actions that we assume we can withstand. They will build up and take their toll.

Build armour to protect from and prevent injury.

Which muscle armour you need for your sport and how much you need will depend on many factors such as your sport, your position on the field, the speed and agility you require etc.

A rugby front row will need far more muscle armour around the neck and shoulders than a football defender due to the sports specific demands.

Sports specific performance and armour building is what I specialise in. Come to Hams Fitness, Epsom Personal Trainer and we’ll get you protected and in top condition.

Rugby/American Football Armour


Tennis armour


Each sport has armour requirements but obviously not to the same degree or in the same places!

Do you know where to put yours or how to get it?

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